Surface Cleaning and Rust Removal

Rust and corrosion are complex processes with many variables, as Zerust® field professionals understand. Clients may have corrosion that must be removed before we can treat and prevent the underlying problem. Scientists at Zerust® have created powerful solutions for metal rework and recovery. Zerust® offers a variety of rust-removal technologies, ranging from pH-neutral to more aggressive rust removers that help prevent flash corrosion on cleaned surfaces.

Advanced surface cleansers and washes from Zerust® help metalworking processes by removing residual pollutants and soils left by metalworking processes. We have meta packaging solutions that work with VCI packaging systems.

Container Shipments

Container shipments are the most popular means to transfer metal parts and equipment overseas in the industrial sector because they are the cheapest, but also the slowest choice. Shipping containers are exposed to extreme environmental fluctuations such as temperature and relative humidity during their long journeys around the world. Condensation arises along the inner walls of the shipment containers as a result of these changes. This condensation (also known as container rain) will then drip onto the packages inside the container from the container’s walls and ceiling. Humidity can infiltrate the container and accelerate corrosion if the metal pieces are improperly packed.

Electronic Rust Prevention

Zerust® corrosion inhibiting packaging products are a cost-effective way of protecting electrical and electronic components and equipment from the destructive effects of corrosion.

Hydrostatic Testing

After production and during use, hydrostatic testing of pressure vessels such as pipelines, heat exchangers, storage tanks, and ship voids is an important approach for quality control of parts. This method verifies the pressurised component’s suitability for service following production or repair, which is critical because such containers might explode if they fail under pressure.
Hydrostatic testing is a well-known industry standard test that entails filling a vessel or pipe system with a liquid, often water, and pressurising it to the prescribed test pressure. A leak would be indicated by a drop in pressure. For visual identification of the leak location, a dye can be utilised. When it comes to water,

Zerust® Corrosion Solutions for Land Shipping

During land shipments, metal parts are vulnerable to corrosion because changes in temperature and relative humidity over time can generate condensation along the interior walls of the truck, a process known as “container rain” or “sweat.” This humidity can enter the container if the metal pieces are improperly wrapped, speeding up the pace of corrosion.

Contaminants and residues left behind during metalworking, inappropriate handling of metal components, and poor packaging techniques promote corrosion during land shipment. For components that require further metalworking, any moderate surface corrosion may not be a big worry. Heavy pitting corrosion, on the other hand, can persist.

Zerust® Corrosion Solutions for Metalworking

Before being shaped into the final product, raw metal components often go through a number of metalworking operations such as cutting, grinding, milling, and washing. Corrosion-causing pollutants can be found in metalworking fluids, which usually originate in the water sources used to create the fluids. Contaminants may also accumulate over time as a result of water evaporation and drag-in.

Components are frequently cleansed, rinsed, and dried prior to packaging. Soils and particles may be removed by washing and rinsing, however pollutants that cause corrosion may remain due to insufficient drying.

After that, the completed components are packaged for transport or storage. Fingerprints, grime, and other contaminants can speed up corrosion.

Outdoor Storage and Extreme Environment Protection

With Zerust® Vapor Inhibitor (VCI) technology, metals are protected in harsh situations. Zerust® VCI protects hard-to-reach places and voids from corrosion by saturating the interior of the package.

The specially designed OPS (Outdoor Preservation Shrink) VCI film is perfect for lay-up and mothballing of equipment, vehicles, and outdoor storage of components, and can be used in conjunction with ActivPak® to provide corrosion protection in even the harshest situations.

Component Dipping Process & Dipping Tank Design

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